Around the world with a type 2 charging cable

Electric cars are charged with standard plugs. In Europe this is the Mennekes or Type 2 plug. You can read more about this plug here. When you buy an electric car, you connect it with a plug. It is usually round with many holes, also called Mennekes or Type 2 plugs. With these you can travel throughout Europe.

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Principle of type 2 plug

Type 2 plugs are based on the idea of a house with a three-phase power connection. The plug is suitable for this, so it charges three times faster than a single-phase plug. Depending on the number of phases actually used, you can get 3.7 or 16 kW out of it while charging. This cable is suitable for a power up to 44 kW. Mennekes was the first supplier to develop this plug, so you will also come across alternative names.

Type 2 plug locking while charging

In Europe, cables for charging electric vehicles come with the car. In the US, for example, the cable is always connected to the charging point. Of course you want to prevent someone from taking your cable. That is why the Type 2 plug has an electronic lock. This prevents you from disconnecting the cable and taking it with you while charging. The charging cable has two plugs, with slightly different plugs on the charging station side and on the car side.

DCC or combi plug

With many quick chargers you will see a variant used, the DCC or Combo plug. The top looks like a Type 2 plug and the bottom has two connectors for fast charging. This is for higher power up to 350 kWh and DC instead of AC. It is larger and because the cable is connected to the charger, you do not have to drag it along in the car.

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