Top things to do in Hurghada, Egypt

Hurghada is the 3rd largest city in Egypt, located on the coast of the Red Sea. It is very popular with tourists all over the world with its long golden natural beaches, a year round hot climate, and crystal clear waters; this makes it a perfect holiday destination with year round sunshine. There are lots of fun things to do in this city and here are some of the best things to do:

Jungle Aqua Park

There isn’t a better way to enjoy a day in the sun, than to have a splash filled day at the Jungle aqua park. Here you can appreciate the 35 different slides and 14 swimming pools, so I would grab your towel, put on some shades and make your way to this oasis. It doesn’t matter how old you are, 3 or 73 you will still have a great day. It is nice to stay in a centrally located hotel in Hurghada.

Water sports

Water sports are one of the most popular things to do in Hurghada, there are many different sports you can try out on the clear blue water of the Red Sea. In some places you will find the more traditional ones like pedal boats and banana boats, but this city offers more than the traditional sports. Like why not rent out a jet-ski and skim through the ocean at high speeds. Or try Parasailing, where you are propelled into the air by a speed boat and allow you to float along the coast. This is a good way to see the beach in a way you won’t experience any other way. You can even have the chance to go water-skiing; the waters are often flat and calm making it a very good place for beginners. Also check: The Best Water Sports Activities to Try in Hurghada.

Scuba diving and Snorkelling

Scuba diving is the most popular sport in this city, because of its calm, warm, clear waters. Throughout your dive you will see lots of magnificent creatures and colors. You will dive down and see the coral reef where there is known to be lots of different kinds of fish. You can even try and spot ‘Nemo’ a clownfish as they are called and lots of over fish you would find in that Pixar film. Among these you won’t only see lots of different fish you will also see dolphins and turtles that are no harm to humans so they will just swim peacefully past you. This is a popular activity in the summer months. For example, look at departure days July the 10th or August the 12th.         

Where to go diving?       

Different diving centers will give you the chance to learn how to scuba dive and will allow you to explore under the sea once they think you are ready. For those who don’t want to fully learn how to scuba dive, but still want to explore some of the wild-life that the red sea has to offer then try snorkeling. Although it isn’t as extreme as scuba diving, it is still a wonderful experience to explore the reefs and the fish.


Want to party till the break of dawn? Well Hurghada is filled with bars, pubs, restaurants and night-clubs, anything for anyone. The perfect places for tourists to come and enjoy the city at night. Why not try one of the hottest and youngest clubs in the city, the Hed Kandi beach bar, or Ministry of sound.  Both of these clubs are the most popular out of many in Hurghada and very often get packed out during peak season.   These clubs are located beach side, with parts of the club that is situated on the sand, with the calm warm waves of the Red #Sea lapping at your feet.

Desert Quad biking/Camel

Why not try and go on an excursion to see the Sarah Desert. After being picked up from your hotel you will be shown how to use and get used to the quad bikes, from there you will drive 25Km to a Bedouin village. From here you will then have the choice to ride a camel, donkeys & horses are included, but a camel is the only way to get the full experience.

Food market

If you do wish to get out of all the main tourist areas, and want to explore the city to know a little more about the local way of life. Then why not ask around for a local vegetable market and you will find many ordinary Egyptians doing their day to day business such as shopping, playing with their children. Visiting these markets will let you engage and interact with friendly locals that are just going on with their daily lives.

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